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Safely Dining With Us

Here’s what we’re doing to ensure a safe dining experience

Protective Equipment

Masks on every team member.

Designated and Spaced Waiting

Walk-in service will allow you to arrive and sit or to add your name to an in-person waitlist. Designated waiting areas will keep the restaurant free of gatherings. We’ll contact your mobile device when your table is ready.

Digital Ordering, Contactless Payment & Single-use Menus

Digitized ordering, contactless payment, as well as single-use menus have been incorporated to keep shared contact points to a minimum. Whenever you would like the assistance of a team member, you can indicate your need by displaying a special card. This keeps you in control of visits from our staff.

Specific In & Out Tables and Hands

All items arrive to the “clean” section of your table by a team member dressed in white or a manager who has only been handling clean items. When you are finished with a plate or item, you can choose when to place it on the “discard” extension of your table. All discard items will be removed by a  team member wearing blue who has only been safely removing items. There are separate teams and areas on your table for clean items arriving to you and items you’re ready to discard. You’re safely in control.

Sanitizer Stations

Ethanol-based sanitizer stations will be placed around the restaurant to allow frequent hand-sanitation for all guests and team members. This type of sanitizer is very effective though it will feel and smell differently than some gel sanitizers you may be used to.

Healthy Team Members

We conduct daily health checks that include taking the temperatures of all staff.

Lots of Personal Space

Helpful signage, ordering and payment systems, and team member behaviors: all designed to give everyone as much safe-distancing as possible.

A Hyper-Clean Restaurant

In addition to separate teams and pathways for items arriving and leaving your table, a dedicated team member will be sanitizing the restaurant on-rotation at all times. The tables and guest areas go through a multi-step systemic sanitation program by a dedicated team that is separate from those handling the food and beverage arriving to you during your dining experience.

Together we can keep each other healthy.